Select Committee

What: The Wyoming Governor’s newly appointed permanent select committee’s public meeting to draft legislation and take stakeholder input.

The committee shall:

(i) Develop knowledge and expertise among its members regarding issues pertaining to the blockchain, financial technology, and digital innovation technology;

(ii) Develop and introduce legislation as necessary to promote blockchain, financial technology, and digital innovation in Wyoming unless the legislation relates to Title 13 of the Wyoming statutes, in which case the legislation shall be recommended to the Minerals, Business & Economic Development Joint Interim Committee for consideration.

The public is welcome and encouraged to offer comments for the committee to consider.

Theme: Enacting Impact—Digital Technologies

Where: Live-streamed into our Virtual Reality 2D/3D environment accessible worldwide via VR Headset or HTML5 browser.

When: September 23-24, 2020, 8:30am – 4pm MDT



Co-Chair Senator Chris Rothfuss- District S09

Senator Dan Dockstader - District S16

Senator Tara Nethercott - District S04

Senator Ogden Driskill - District S01


Co-Chair Representative Jared Olsen - District H11

Representative Mike Greear - District H27

Representative Mike Yin - District H16

Representative Tyler Lindholm - District H01

Governor's Appointees

Caitlin Long - Founder & CEO at Avanti Financial Group

Joel Revill - CEO at Two Ocean Trust

Matt Kaufman - Attorney/Partner at Hathaway & Kunz, LLP

Past Meetings