Stampede Law Conference

What: A conference day to educate, leverage, and frame the benefits of what twenty new laws have to offer and then socialize the issues still to be tackled. The Wyoming Blockchain Task Force operated as a bi-partisan group whose job was to draft the proposed blockchain bills for consideration by the Wyoming legislature. The new Select Committee expands authority. All the good work is in the process of adding to the economic development of the State of Wyoming. This conference will help build your understanding of these laws, new laws in the process, and their nuances. We are building the legal minds of tomorrow to deal with the cutting edge issues being spearheaded in Wyoming today.

Theme: Prevailing Impact—Digital Technologies

Where: In person at the University of Wyoming EERB before a live studio audience and live-streamed into our Virtual Reality 2D/3D environment accessible worldwide via VR Headset or HTML5 browser.

When: September 25, 2020, 8am – 4pm MT