Stampede Developers Conference

What: A conference with vendor and developer content available on a schedule throughout the month of the Wyohackathon. Technical speakers and workshops helping attendees prepare for the WyoHackathon Challenges and get acquainted with new technologies, concepts, and emerging standards.

Theme: Designing Impact—Digital Technologies

Where: Live-streamed into our Virtual Reality 2D/3D environment accessible worldwide via VR Headset or HTML5 browser.

When: September 25 through October 24 [various times]

DevCon starts in person at UW on September 25th evening and runs online until October 24th during the Wyohackathon.


Mike Borowczak

Jaron Ray Hinds

Joel Neidig

Omar Syed

Philip Schlump

James Caldwell

Danny Zuckerman

Hadrien Croubois

Medha Parlikar

Edward Kepler

Tommy Cooksey

Chris Tyler

Cameron Wright

Dean Barbara Rasco

Dan Forbes

Nils Bundi

Manuel Chakravarty

Dmytro Kondratiuk

Dr. Pablo Lamela

Jann Muller

Alex Nemish

Kevin Owocki

Michael Peyton-Jones

Joe Rapisarda

Simon Thompson

Philip Wadler

Brian Behlendorf

Benjamin Nadareski

Justin Herzig

Sandra Ro

Sumedha Deshmukh