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Wyoming Blockchain Stampede
We’re asking our speakers to address ideas around FORGING IMPACT and have consolidated themes and value propositions below—mapped to the Governor’s Select Committee goals (SC).

Overall Stampede Theme:
FORGING IMPACT—Digital Technologies (Month long: Sept 23rd – Oct 24th)
We amplify the UN75 SDG’s with practical application to improve the world.

Select Committee: Enacting IMPACT (Two days: Sept 23,24)
LawCon: Prevailing IMPACT (Sept 25)
BizCon: Attaining IMPACT (Sept 26 and Euro in the Evening)
DevCon: Designing IMPACT (Month long: Sept 25rd – Oct 24th)
WyoHackathon: Developing IMPACT (Month long: Sept 25rd – Oct 24th)

Where: Live streamed into our Virtual Reality 2D/3D environment accessible worldwide via VR Headset or HTML5 browser.
Caveat: Also in person (if approved by then) at University of Wyoming or other Enter VR Expo before a live (socially distanced) studio audience.

Value Propositions for speaker conversations:

    SOURCE (of asset, identity, data) maps to Select Committee goal of “FinTech”
  • E.g.: Authentication & counterfeit control
  • Proof of ownership & traceability of ownership
  • Online digital identity

    IMPACT (of digital innovations) maps to Select Committee goal of “Digital Innovation”
  • E.g.: Reducing the cost of transactions
  • Automating transactions for speed & accuracy
  • Better governance at country / company levels

    IMPLEMENTATION (of laws and technology) maps to Select Committee goal of “Blockchain”
  • E.g.: Control of the supply chain for safety, security, CSR, & commercial reasons
  • Predictive analytics for preference matching
  • Infrastructure allowing new business models
  • Legal frameworks

Which Conference Track(s) Would You Like To Speak At?